Feline Beginnings

She scrambled into my life;
Cold, wet and shaking-with
Ribs protruding-and
Frantic eyes searching-
She wanted a home,
And I, I wanted
a friend


The distant laughter from the sparkling lights
has traveled ‘cross the winter air to fall
as tiny points of color in the night’s
black silence; summoning to one and all.

Come near and celebrate this time of year
Share memories within our rainbow glow
where love and hope can conquer over fear
and everyone can be set free to show
the love they’ve held within can now be shared.
With timid smile and nervous hands they lift
their tiny package lovingly prepared
and with great hope they give their precious gift.

The lights implore you come and be a part-
Draw near in hope, be bold and give your heart.

Carry On

Faltering feet
& feeble frame
Carry on

Heavy hands 
& hurting heart
Carry on

Lost love
& lonely life
Carry on

Fight through
Heal pain
Live again
Carry on


Like windows to another world
I see reflected in your eyes
the burnished golden sky unfurled
pure beauty of these caramel skies
the quiet passing sweep of time
the volumes spoken without word
and faint the distant tower chime
full seven times its voice is heard
but in this place that I have found
there is no sense of being late
and in this heaven I look around
convinced I’ve found at last my fate
this land where earth and sky have met
no difference ‘tween sun rise or set.


All you did was blink
a split second closing
of eyelids and lashes
a weightless instant
no time to even think
space and time are bent
in colorless splashes
from eternity spring
a million thoughts
and it’s then I realize
the power of your eyes.


The rain beats down on the rusty tin roof
torrential pellets pinging then running in
floods down to the ground, forming pools
of dark shadows soaking up the light of
your world, the evidence of the dark sky’s
love - In this quiet moment the feelings 
wash away and here; the physical resides
over the emotional, this wetness hits
my skin and I discover a link between my
soul and my body, captured in a rain drop.


a greater love I’ve never known
convinced I tell the world alone
the bitter pain that scars my heart
I bear no more because I’ve lost
the joy that shone and fell apart
and lies beneath an icy frost
a love once warm, once vibrant, waits
and darkness end- the hopes and dreams,
'twere spread by greater brighter fates
pure bliss in peril but so it seems
an answer here may hidden be
if in rewind these words you see


Guest Post By My Daughter:

I look at the flowers-
so beautiful;
and I look at the clouds
in the sky,
and I say to you,
when will my life begin
when will my life begin

- Kate Hurley, Age 5


I wish I had some way to
roll back the clock, to
take a few steps back, to
find some way to beg to
do over what has been done to
you. Because I want to
take away the hurt and to
wipe away the tears too
long held upon your face to
kiss your tender lips and to
rewind life’s choices back to
the day when we were … one

All I Want

I hate to see you feeling sick, when you just
want to die because maybe it would bring relief
to your fevered mind, and I wish that I could
take your pain and I want to show you how I
care about you, and how I would think nothing
of doing everything I could if it would make
you feel better, because I love you that much.